The Art of Starting: step 1 of 3 – Remember it’s FUN!

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

free heart chalk art
Free Heart | ephemeral street art by Brave Scribbler

I’m sharing with you a moment that devastated me then shook me awake.

I was watching my kids draw. They had good instincts. We talked about family members who’re gifted this way, and how I was a designer for many years. Their surprise knocked me off guard.

My children, who inherited my imagination and creativity, had never known that side of me. All their lives, I’ve worked with their dad at the dojo. I was boss. I was serious, and stressed, and absolutely had no time for drawing. It felt like a death... mine.

My whole life, I identified with being creative. I thought everybody knew that about me. How did I stray so far from being me?

Let your ‘want’ be greater than your ‘fear’. We need to be properly motivated to throw ourselves at something full force. In that moment, I connected with my motivation. What’s yours? Why do you want it? How much do you want it?

While I was dealing with my internal turmoil, my kids continued to draw. They seemed transported and they took me with them.

Kids draw because they felt like drawing. They drew whatever and they used whatever. When it’s done, it’s just done. If you couldn’t make out what it’s meant to be, that’s your problem. There’s no pressure with fulfilling briefs or worries about whether it’s good enough to publish. It’s our ‘adulting’ that gets in the way; our judgement and perfectionism. Get over it!

Dig deep and connect with your inner child. Push your adult self aside for a moment. Forget the responsibilities, social expectations... all the judgy, boring grown up stuff. Find your inner child. Allow her (him) to create fearlessly.

It doesn’t have to be great. It doesn’t even need to be good. It shouldn’t have to be anything, because the act of creating is perfectly wonderful. Give yourself permission to have fun, with no strings attached!

So, did I go off and draw in my sketch pad? Nope. I started with step 2...

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