Inspiration 01: David Zinn | Chalk Artist

David Zinn had to be at the top of my inspiration list. Everything I do with chalk that’s earning me income and getting me attention, I owe to him.

I can’t recall when I first stumbled on to his work, but I remember the wonder and obsession. I loved how his characters interacted with our environment and seemed to have escaped a picture book. It looked fun!

One bright blue day, I found inspiration on my driveway. It was 31 March 2017. Exactly 3 months later, I was working at my first paid gig. That kind of trajectory still blows my mind. It was an eventful few months and it felt like sheer luck.

I reached out to David in a moment of blind panic when my Facebook page almost tripled in following overnight (Someone stumbled on my work and posted it on a community page). His long, encouraging, thoughtful reply was great arsenal against self doubt. I consider him my primary chalk mentor, as there are no classes for this kind of stuff. If he hadn’t paved the way, I would still be lost.

See more of David Zinn's work on Instagram >

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