Defying our fears

Let’s face it, we enjoy being in our comfort zone. It’s the best. Curling up in our nests and not having to extend ourselves in anyway.

We understand that the process of expanding and elevating requires us to step outside our comfort zone, but they rarely make it sound appealing do they?

When Stephen Covey defined the space outside our comfort zone as our courage zone, he gave it a brand makeover. He baited us with the prize of courage and all that comes with it.

C’mon brave child, we’re going to have an adventure! Let’s do something we’ve never done before. Let’s go further than we’ve ever been before.

Doesn’t that sound like a holiday? When we travel, we tend choose places we haven’t explored so we can experience our world from a new perspective. The memories we gain makes the financial sacrifices and the potential risks seem inconsequential.

I’m in my mid 40’s, finding my footing in an unfamiliar industry. And you know what? It’s the most interesting thing about me right now. Sure, I’m a wife, a mum, a step-mum, someone’s sister, someone’s daughter... you get my drift. Who the hell cares?!

You do!

Because, I’m daring to do ridiculous things to chase my dreams! That makes me a ballsy wife and a kick ass mum... even if I do fall on my face occasionally.

We live in a messy but well loved house; dishes piled up, laundry drying, and no milk in the fridge. That comes with the territory when you’re camping in the Courage Zone.

My mundane failings are so blah, when my brain is in adventure mode, navigating interesting terrain and overcoming scary stuff... like starting this blog, and putting my work out in the Interverse.

Fear means well, but don't let it hold you back. To defy it, we need to see beyond it. Let our 'want' be greater than our 'fear'. The prize is sometimes just knowing you’ve been there and done that; and that is great enough.

U R Awesome!
"U R Awesome!" Street art by Brave Scribbler. Chalk on pavement.

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