A Scribbles Spotlight brought to you by Girl and Duck

An interview featuring yours truly with some info about my writing mentor and community.

People like Cindy make mentoring a dream; right from the start Cindy jumped in and ran with the girl and duck teachings.

I've loved watching her grow—in confidence, creativity and self-expression. Her quirky, skilful entries in the Scribbles Creative Writing Awards left me in no doubt that Cindy Chong is one to watch!

I'm so excited to turn the Spotlight on her today. Enjoy this final interview and join me a cheering this Brave Scribbler! (PS Cindy had that tag long before she joined Scribbles. Which just goes to show...)

Jen Storer xo

Cindy WM Chong. Jen Storer. Girl and duck. Scribbles Masterclass.
Cindy WM Chong with Jen Storer and the Duckies at the 2018 Scribbles Masterclass

SCRIBBLES SPOTLIGHT: Introducing: Cindy Chong!

Location: I live in suburbia, west of Melbourne, in a modest double storey with wild gardens.

Website and Instagram:


What are you favourite moments of the day?

  • When I light my aromatherapy oils at the start of my creative time.

  • Cuddles and conversations with my kids and bunnies just before bed. They pile up with me on my favourite chaise couch.

  • Spacing out with hubby at the end of the day.

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by everyone! It’s true! I believe you can learn something from anybody, even if it’s what NOT to do. When you look for hero-characters in your everyday life, you start to see them everywhere.

Favourite quote:

“To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.” Bruce Lee

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

As a kid I didn’t have a label for what I wanted to be, but I would sit in a tree for hours, draw all day, create worlds, and talk to imaginary people. Kooky, I know, but YOU get it.

Career highlight:

This is still new and fresh, so I hope bigger, shinier highlights are up ahead. However, so far into my journey, making it onto two of the shortlists for CWA 2018 was massive. I wasn’t even sure if I was ‘good enough’ to enter. Being shortlisted was like having green lights flashing at me with streamers and massive signs saying, “F#@K playing small! Go! Go! GO!”

What can you tell us about your current WIP?

I’m working on a PB dummy but still tweaking the manuscript as I go. It’s a friendship story, and the friends happen to be a pair of socks.

I’ve a few story seedlings percolating in the background while I review my portfolio for KidLitVic.

Choose one:

Street Art or Street Food Street Art because ironically, it’s what’s feeding me! I draw street art for events.

Textas or Chalk Chalk is my medium of choice for street art. It has taught me a lot about being in the moment and letting go of perfectionism. You didn’t know that chalk could do that did you?

Gandalf or Dumbledore Dumbledore. I never made it through all the Lord of the Rings books. Is that sacrilegious?

Pixar or Ghibli Pixar would have won out against any others, but Ghibli was my first love. Ghibli.

Princess or Witch Witch! I adored Kiki from ‘Kiki’s Deliver Service’ way before Hermione came along.

Skateboard or Roller skates Roller skates! I moonlighted in Roller Derby for a short while.

Your three, top writing/illustration tips: 1. Seek answers from people who have done it and excelled. 2. Connect with your inner child. 3. Surround yourself with inspiring people.

Why did you join Scribbles? I was looking for a writing mentor and the Universe (or maybe it was Google) delivered me Jen Storer. When I exhausted her database of videos on YouTube, I signed up to Scribbles without hesitation. I was excited that she’s Australian with an Australian perspective; that, packaged with her expertise with language, her experience with picture books through to middle grade, and her background in publishing... It was a no brainer.

What three words describe your experience in Scribbles? Supportive, Cosy, FUN!

What has Scribbles done for you? Scribbles is about the love of language. We work on creative exercises and habits instead of daunting projects. It encourages play and exploration. We study technical stuff in fun ways.

Through Jen’s teachings, I’m:

  • Discovering my writing style/voice.

  • Learning to surrender to the stories.

  • Working out how to shape my stories.

  • Finding out which processes work best for me.

  • Letting go of my personal hang ups and write!

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