5 Tips for young artists

I’ve enjoyed mentoring young artists (3-8yrs) through MeetDita the past 3 terms. I’m grateful for the relationships I’ve gained, and for the privilege of guiding talents.

As educators, we often repeat things over and over hoping that it’ll eventually sink in. So, as a parting gift, I’ve collated my top 5 tips. I hope that budding artists of all ages may benefit.

Sunday morning art classes for kids
Sunday morning art classes

1. Respect your materials

Your pencils, markers, paints, papers... all the tools you use to create your art, should be treated with respect. This means, cleaning your brushes and storing them correctly, sharpening your pencils and tidying your papers. A top chef can’t cook her best pancakes with rusted pans, and you’re less likely to create your best work with broken pencils and dry paints.

2. Draw lightly

A great habit for a beginner artist to form is to draw lightly. This will teach you control. Over time, you will appreciate how you can vary the weight of a line by changing the pressure and the angle of your grip. It will be useful when you learn about shading, and when you have to paint with the tip of the brush. Meanwhile, it will make it easier to erase your lines without marking the paper.

3. Use your eyes

Artists learn to see in a special way. Look for simple shapes in complex objects. Study where the light falls and where shadows are created. Using our eyes will teach us to draw more convincingly.

4. Take your time

As long as you keep drawing, you will keep improving. Date your art. Seeing your old drawings and how you have improved can keep you motivated. Don’t rush the learning process.

5. Celebrate your talent

Display your work. Share it with the world. You have a special gift. Don’t hide it away.

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